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Xinyuan QI is a Professor of Optics at Northwest University (from 2021). He obtained his B.S. and Ph. D. degrees from Nankai University in 2007 and 2010 under the supervision of Prof. Simin Liu and Prof. Guoquan Zhang, respectively. He now serves as the vice-dean of Department of Department of Optoelectronic Information Science, School of Phsics, and a supervisor of PhD in Physics(Optics). He is also deputy secretary general of the Xi'an Society of Laser & Infrared. His current research focuses on the non-hermitian optics, topological photonics, femtosecond laser processing, fiber l... More>

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Administrative Position:Professor

Business Address:School of Physics, Northwest University,#1 Xuefu Avenue, Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China


Academic Titles:Deputy Director, Department of Optoelectronic Information Science

Other Post:Deputy Secretary General of Xi'an Society of Laser & Infrared

Discipline:Other specialties in Optical Engineering

Research Focus / Social Affiliations

[ 2014.4 - Now ] Deputy Secretary-General of Xi'an Society of Laser I& Infrared.

Educational Experience / Work Experience

2007.9 - 2010.6

 Nankai University |  Photonics & Photonic technology |  Postgraduate (Doctoral) |  Doctoral degree |  He obtained his Ph.D. degrees from Nankai University in 2010 under the supervision of Prof. Guoquan Zhang. 

2019.9 - 2020.8

RIKEN(Wako) | Advanced Laser Processing Research Team,RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP) | Visiting scholar | 访问杉冈幸次教授团队。 

2011.9 - 2012.1

San Francisco State University | Department of Physics and Astronomy | Visiting Scholar | 访问陈志刚教授团队。 

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