• Yuyan Xiong
  • 博士

Educational Experience

  • 2011.42014.4

     University of Fribourg   生理学   Doctoral Degree in Philosophy   With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study   全日制教育 

  • 2007.92010.7

     厦门大学   生物化工   Master's Degree in Engineering   With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates   全日制教育 

  • 2003.92007.7

     安徽科技学院   生物科学   Bachelor's Degree in Science   University graduated   全日制教育 

  • 2000.92003.7

     店前中学   无   普通高中学毕业   全日制教育 

  • Professor
    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
    Supervisor of Master's Candidates
  • Date of Birth:1985-07-27
  • Date of Employment:2018-12-11
  • School/Department:生命科学学院
  • Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
  • Gender:Male
  • Discipline:Physiology
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