Dan Sun

Associate professor

Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Date of Birth:1982-06-19

Date of Employment:2010-03-01


Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study




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Direct observation of λ-DNA molecule reversal movement within microfluidic channels under electric field with single molecule imaging technique.

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Affiliation of Author(s):光子学与光子技术研究所

Journal:Chin. Phys. B

Place of Publication:国内公开发行

Indexed by:Journal paper

Document Code:5b75928c5fed6697015ff18b5ecb0982

Page Number:25 (7): 078201.

ISSN No.:1674-1056

Translation or Not:no

Date of Publication:2016-05-31

First Author:王凯歌

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